I should be studying…

April 21, 2010

I have my math 115 final very soon, but math sucks and scorpions are way cooler. Reference was used. 1.5 hours, digital.


Starless Night

April 16, 2010

Modified reproduction of the art on R. A. Salvatore’s series, “Legacy of the Drow”. I painted this 3 years ago for a school project. For those wondering, “Starless Night” is the name of the book in the series where this scene takes place. Arcylic on canvas.

Salt and Pepper

April 6, 2010

For my design class, our final project was to design a set of salt and pepper shakers, render them, and do all of the technical drawings. These are the renderings I have made. Modeled in Blender, rendered with LuxRender. I’ve never used LuxRender before, but 2 of these renderings took over 9 hours to complete. I’m not sure if that is just how the program works, or it my computer can’t quite handle it…