Sheet happens

November 30, 2010

See what I did there?

Ink on some piece of paper that cost more than it should have.



November 12, 2010

That’s my hand. Yup, there it is. Charcoal on paper. 24 x 36 inches. Photo is kinda shitty, maybe I’ll retake it some day. I wouldn’t count on it though.


November 8, 2010

For one of my design classes, we were to pick a company and design a digital camera for them. I chose Blackberry and this is the design I came up with. I didn’t bother posting the concept sketches, as they are rough and there are a lot of them. We had to make a final model of it out of balsa wood and do a somewhat quick render. We were allowed to use extra doodads for buttons, switches, etc. and luckily a very kind young lady in my class gave me an old Blackberry Curve she had to dismantle and use for parts. So I used some of the buttons and the LCD screen. And if she happens to be reading this, thanks again.

And in case you are wondering, gluing the buttons on was unbelievably stressful, but after some crazy glue, sweat, and swearing I managed to get it done. Yay!