Like the title says, these were both done for my figure drawing class last semester.

In the first one, we had to draw a person with their body open and their organs outside exposed. Conte and charcoal on paper.

The second one had similar instructions, except we were to draw a person without any organs at all, as if they were deflated. Also conte and charcoal on paper.





July 5, 2011


I’m not entirely sure what happened to the month of June. Or May for that matter, but the good news is I’ll be updating this blog weekly again.┬áHere are a couple drawings from my Art 340 class last semester:

The first one is 38 x 50 inches done in charcoal and colored conte. The assignment was to put an animal in a human pose.

The second one is done entirely with black and white conte on dark grey paper. The assignment was just to draw 3 of the same animal in perspective.