Coffee Table

April 20, 2012

Here is my furniture project from the beginning of the semester this year. Everything was constructed with solid ash, laminated together into beams and then cut into the appropriate lengths and angles. The tabletop is a sheet of 10mm glass that rests on top. Dimensions of the tabletop are 21 x 45 inches and the table is 15 inches tall.




October 11, 2011


Another busy school year has started, and here is my first project from my product design class. We each had to design a podium that could fit a computer on it, be made almost exclusively from flat stock, be manufactured on a 3-axis CNC machine, and be built for under $500 (excluding labor costs). Here are some renders of the design I came up with. I’ll post a few of the technical drawings for it as well, but I won’t bother posting all of them, as some really aren’t that exciting to look at. Modeled in Rhino, rendered in Octane, post-processing in Photoshop. Illustrator was used for the technical drawings. Enjoy!

Like the title says, these were both done for my figure drawing class last semester.

In the first one, we had to draw a person with their body open and their organs outside exposed. Conte and charcoal on paper.

The second one had similar instructions, except we were to draw a person without any organs at all, as if they were deflated. Also conte and charcoal on paper.




July 5, 2011


I’m not entirely sure what happened to the month of June. Or May for that matter, but the good news is I’ll be updating this blog weekly again. Here are a couple drawings from my Art 340 class last semester:

The first one is 38 x 50 inches done in charcoal and colored conte. The assignment was to put an animal in a human pose.

The second one is done entirely with black and white conte on dark grey paper. The assignment was just to draw 3 of the same animal in perspective.

Final project for one of my design classes. We had to take an existing watch, model the strap exactly in Rhino, and then redesign a new face for it. These are all renders, the final picture being the redesign sitting beside a photo of the actual watch. 300,000 polygon count. Modeled in Rhino, rendered in Shot. Post processing done in Photoshop. Enjoy!

Art 340 assignment. Need I say more?

Playground Design

March 28, 2011


Another design project, this time a 3D model and various renders of it! Our assignment was to design and build a themed playground. I went with an Egyptian theme, and this is what I came up with. Everything was modeled in Rhino, rendered in Flamingo, and then brought into Photoshop for post processing. The presentation was then created in Illustrator. I decided to post all 10 slides, so it may take a while to load.

The pieces that are included are:

-Anubis Monkey Bars

-Ruby Climbing Bars

-Cobra Roundabout

-Scorpion Spring Toys

-Obelisk Swings

-Pyramid with stairs, a climbing wall, straight slides and a spiral slide

-Mummy-wrapped Garbage Can



iPod Docking Station

February 28, 2011

My latest design project was to create two prototype iPod docking stations that are identical using the method of thermoforming. It basically involves heating up a sheet of plastic (styrene) and stretching it around a mold that we created. After we molded our parts, they were primed and finished with automotive paint. I worked with a partner on this project, Tori McNish, so credit goes to her as well. No, it does not work, but it would be relatively simple to make them work. It’s about 7-8 inches deep and 12 inches wide.

Mini Motors!

February 9, 2011

Here is my latest design project. We had to take a small object (such as a Hot Wheels car) and design a package and all the art for it. This is what I came up with. I had to create everything you see, from the logos to the barcode. The physical package was made by printing the design onto a glossy card and folding and glueing it to shape. The window was created with a small sheet of clear plastic and the plastic covering from an actual Hot Wheels package. 99% completed in Illustrator with a bit of Photoshop.

Credit goes to my buddy, Blake, for coming up with the name “Mini Motors”.




No really, I don’t.